Customised software to encourage and enable grassroots organisations to recruit volunteers and create significant impact in a place.

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Recruitment Marketplace

– access to organisations who are actively searching for volunteers for their events, projects and campaigns. Find and deliver your ambitious Employee Volunteering Scheme

One system

to manage all your employee volunteer relationships


– dashboards, analytics and impact reporting

The Volunteer Solution for


Volunteer Management

– workflow, scheduling, expenses claims, resources

Reward & Retain

– communications hub, training, grant giving, recognition badges

Single view of the volunteer

– one view of all your employee volunteers activity, journey and outcomes

Increase the number of volunteers and improve the volunteer experience across a place

The pandemic demonstrated clearly peoples desire to help out and volunteer. We co-ordinated the volunteer effort across both Plymouth and Exeter resulting in over 6500 volunteers being matched with opportunities, over 300,000 hours being contributed and over £3m worth of volunteering being deployed across the two cities.

Communities, especially at the grassroots are experiencing significant shifts in demand. Funding and resources are in short supply and these trends leave small community groups and associations with a variety of challenges. GoVolunteering’s purpose-built solutions enable a city community eco system to:

Cost effective recruitment – access to passionate volunteers raring to volunteer in a healthcare setting
Build meaningful relationships with volunteers and other community groups
Improve the volunteer and employee experience through high-impact community engagement
Accomplish your social good goals and measure your impact
Improve the volunteer and employee experience through high-impact community engagement
Strengthen citizen action and community empowerment
Build trust and loyalty with your most important stakeholders

GoVolunteering is part of the Engaged Communities portfolio of community technology products. We are a community interest business and so share your values around high-impact social good.

We’re passionate about building the tools education institutions need to drive impact where purpose meets profit. With GoVolunteering software, you’ll get a a deep partnership from a purpose-driven peer.

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